We are closing all orders for the AKM until the prices have lowered, however, in emergencies, please scroll to bottom. Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing, packing and shipping have greatly diminished and prices have increased. Our suppliers tell us prices will decrease after this pandemic has slowed. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. We will inform you of any updates. Please visit us for UPDATES. THANK YOU!!! To get your FREE LIST OF 100 HERBS and their CURES, please Click Here. HAVE WONDERFUL AND SAFE HOLIDAYS!

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WE’LL BE BACK!! PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS, WEAR YOUR MASK. THANK YOU! STAY SAFE AND HAPPY! Contact us anytime for questions or pre-orders for 6-8 week delay currently. Questions about the AKM: (Delivery time will vary/only LARGE orders are available at this time)