Awesome Kernel Mix Testimonials

Abigail Sommers/Wichita Falls, Tx
I am so glad I found this little mix. We have more energy than ever and we are living life to the fullest everyday!

Adam WallaceRadiologist Waco                 

This help with my depression and I felt so much better eating this Awesome Kernel Mix. I order regularly and so do my college buddies.  I ordered your

too and it's great.  My buddies and I switch cooking each and every type of enchilada there is. Thank you for your help. Looking forward to more books you publish. 

Shelly Master3rd Grade Jenson Elementary
My Mom and I are so happy we got this mix from my aunt. She said it was great tasting and it is. Me and My Mom are on our way to great health together. Results are excellent so far.

I am so glad I found the

. My wife and I feel so much better. Our medications we were taking were making us sick.  We had build up of medications beyond what you would call normal.  Thanks to this Mini-Kernel mix, our lives are changed forever and for the better.  I am able to golf more, and do so many things I could not before.  My wife and I are even getting alone better than ever. Thank you for this Culinary Mix!

Film Editor/California

This Awesome Kernel Mix is the best Stuff. I have done some research and your right. The Culinary Mix Awesome Kernel Mix is healthy and good for you. We use it often and every time I want to feel good. Thanks for this product.

Evelyn Chaney 
Teacher/ San Diego                 
Mary EngelSalon Business Owner/Seattle

I don't worry anymore when I comb my hair. Eating right is the way go. But I learned something, eating right is vague and needs to be explained. You have got it down pat! Thanks Nurse Oasis!
Paula AdkinsEnvironmental Technician /Webster, TX

This stuff is great and works to heal your body. You can feel it. I have been feeling much better since I began my little regimen eating the Awesome Kernel Mix.

Angela LevyTeacher Middleschool/Toronto 

Jean, you are the nicest person, it was a pleasure to see you at the meeting with George. Love your Mix and hope you come to the Meeting tonight! Thank you, Jean.

My baby and I eat the Awesome Kernel Mix once a week to stay healthy. I think I am the happiest mom with the happiest baby.
Jane Stewart/Louisiana
I now have the energy to do anything. My skin looks clear now that I have changed my diet for the better with your "Awesome Kernel Mix" and I am ready to get out there!
Construction Worker/Florida 
Daymond Elise Jr.Builder CEO/Allentown

Wow! What a change in my life after eating the Awesome Kernel Mix!  I hope everyone can enjoy this little dish and finally have the answer they needed to beautiful skin.  This dish has made me feel better than ever! Thank you.

Eating this mix keeps me feeling great. I have a lot of stress in my job and need a quick easy meal to keep me healthy during the times of stress on the job.  I know now that medications can build up and eating these special combination of lentils supplies me with all the energy I need for my everyday duties.  Thank you nurse oasis!

Nurse Oncology/Oklahoma 
Edward SandersEngineer/Wisconsin
Your Enchiladas: Most Wanted book is the one I have been looking for! Love the "Awesome Kernel Mix!" You can not beat a natural way to stay healthy and thank you for all the great info!