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Do You Get Enough Sleep? We Don’t and There is a Price To Be Paid

Sleep is so important. Eating right is also important. Not paying attention to either of these two things will guarantee a cloudy decision making process. We all are making decisions everyday all day and playing around with your sleep or eating habits just makes it worse. Who wants to go to sleep early, nobody. Who wants to cook everyday? Nobody. However, it is important to learn how to relax and how to cook. We here are devoted cooks and know that food makes all the difference. Listen to Shane McLaugh down below to find out why we are all sleep deprived.

You don’t need to be a chef to eat right. I, in particular simply love to cook, but no one in my family did. They hated cooking. I guess I was lucky in that, I love to cook and therefore I can’t get rid of people sometimes in my life because of that. I am just now realizing that. However, if you love someone, it is your duty to help them. It does not matter what you eat, as long as it has enough vitamins to sustain you to the next day. It’s good not to cook foods that are high in saturated fats, but other than that, everyone should learn how to cook at least 5 meals. If your husband is busy, the wife should do the cooking. Visa Versa. If your brother or sister helps you or gives you money, it is your obligation to cook for them! Yes, the term “I can’t cook” is obsolete. With all the easy access from the internet to easy recipes including 3 ingredient recipes and deserts, the sibling must buckle down and help their family! It’s just part of life and it’s time to stop making excuses. When young adults are in college, they need to cook for themselves unless they want to end up spending 30,000.00 a year for 3 meals a day. This is the amount my friends spent that ate out everyday because they refused to cook for themselves.  In college, my friends would always wonder why they could not afford a home, and kept renting apartments. Come to find out all their money was going to restaurants and fast food places, which by the way, are not cheap and add up. These meals from fast food establishments can get you by, but contain no nutrients, and you need nutrients to take exams and make decisions. You can practice on your family and in turn this will benefit you in the long run. Young adults must start demonstrating how they can become good wives and husbands by practicing their cooking skills on their very own family! Your family will appreciate you trying to do the right thing, even if the meal does not taste like Bobby Flay made it.  With the internet and recipes at our fingertips, there is no excuse not to help your family by cooking a great meal that contains minerals and vitamins to help them.

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By Dr. Sally Atkins