Cancer and Detoxification Takes Longer When You are More Toxic…………Know This


The human body detoxification is carried out by the liver. These are physiological (physical) or medicinal removal of toxic substances. Your body returns to homeostasis (stable equilibrium, sort of speak, I would call it 7.5 pH) when a person stops a bad habit. This is also called “decontamination of poison ingestion.” There are many detoxification diets and even scientists feel this is a waste of time and money. Usually lack supporting evidence, these detoxes in liquid form are short term and usually take away nutrients from the body.

This is why you need the AKM to detox the body the right way. Enjoy Yogi Cameron’s great explanation as to why you need to take your time getting rid of disease and toxins in the body because it simply took a long time to get sick, you were just unaware it was happening. You were not listening to  your body when it cried out, “I’m tired, so down.”