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Are you curious about how yoga can protect and heal your body? Well I am! Which is why I’m thrilled to tell you about internationally acclaimed expert yoga teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh’s new 5-class all-levels yoga series for you this week: Strengthen, Protect & Heal. Take the time to gain a deeper knowledge of your yoga foundation and learn to appreciate your practice on a new level. Start here:

Without strength and proper understanding, yogis won’t get very far in their practice and won’t know how to use yoga to feel better.

A yoga practice with a foundation of both strength and flexibility, is a strong and healthy yoga practice for the long run. Flexibility without strength, is not only an obstacle in progress, it’s also not ideal for the health and balance of your body. To truly progress in a healthy, powerful, and sustainable way on the yoga path, you must focus and practice utilizing strength and healing, as much as striving for any flexibility.

There is the potential to create harm to your body over time, with a yoga practice repeatedly performed with improper alignment. That is why Yoga Downloads new 5-class series Strengthen,


lStenghten, Protect, Heal yoga classes ,


Protect and Heal is powerful in protecting your body, so you can use yoga as something beneficial (instead of detrimental). The areas you’ll build strength in for this program will also keep your body protected and strong as you move through the natural process of aging.

Yoga has deep healing capabilities for people recovering from injuries as well. Strength and alignment based yoga bring you back to optimal health in your body in very real ways. The most important thing in creating this healing, is that you show up and practice. Fortunately, this 5-class program gives you an easy to follow guide to create healing in your entire body, as each class has a different focus.

vDesiree Rumbaugh, the guide in this series, is an internationally renowned yoga teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience around the world. She has tremendous knowledge of the body, and an encouraging style in helping you discover and increase your body’s strength and healing capabilities through yoga. Expect to learn, practice, and notice real change in your well-being and structure through this 5-class series. vFor those newer to yoga, this program is accessible and effective. It will give you tools to develop healthy habits to take with you further into your practice. While you will be challenged, you will ultimately be led to realize how strong and capable you are through these practices.
Join Desiree Rumbaugh in this 5-class all-levels, yoga series that will Strengthen, Protect, & Heal your body. Click photo below to register. Stenghten, Protect, Heal yoga classes